Below is the published scheduled for the upcoming 2018 NHEDA Training Conference & Vendor Expo.  Please click on the title of each presentation for a more detailed description of each presentation.  On the upper right hand corner of this page, you can find a downloadable copy of the course descriptions too.

Monday - April 9

Features Within IAMRESPONDING & The Benefits of a Regional Implementation

Presentation by: Adam Feck, IAMRESPONDING.COM

Eversource Restoration Process & Priority 9-1-1

Presentation by: Dean Desautels, Eversource

CodeRed User Group Meeting

Presentation by: Chris Higgs, ONSOLVE

Tuesday - April 10

Special and Large Events Planning: A Public Safety Approach to Success

Presentation by: Assistant Chief Kirk Beattie, Laconia Fire Department


NH Retirement System Overview

Presentation by: Christine Basha, NHRS


Nightmare on Irving Street

Presentation by: Chief Paul Parisi, Salem Fire Department


Dispatcher's Response to Domestic Violence

Presentation by: Chief Donald Sullivan, Alexandria Police Department



Presentation by: John Stevens, NHSWIC

                        Michael Varney, FirstNet Region 1 Lead

When the 9-1-1 Call Involves Someone You Know

Presentation by: Brian Lamonica, Southampton Village Police Department

                                                     APCO - Atlantic Chapter President

Responding to Individuals with Autism

Presentation by: Chief Tim Stevens, Hill Police Department

The NH Information & Analysis Center: An Overview of the Resources of the NH Fusion Center

Presentation by: Lt. Joe Villers, NHSP Intelligence Unit/NHIAC

                        Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Deidre Boulter, NHSP Terrorism Intelligence Unit/NHIAC

                        Supervisor Sean Goodwin, NHBEC - Mapping Division

Resting Easy - Sleep Disorders - Recognition & Treatment

Presentation by: Dr. Michelle Gaier-Rush, Sleep Evaluation Center, LRGHealthcare - Laconia

Tuesday - April 10

***Super Session***


The Role of Communications, as a Help or a Hindrance

Presentation by: Det. Sgt. Jerry Kane, Retired NYPD

Wednesday - April 11

An Overview of NH E9-1-1 By the Numbers

Presentation by: Director Mark Doyle, NH Bureau of Emergency Communications

VLAW What? Interoperability of Dispatcher's

Presentation by: Tom Andross, Grafton County Sheriff's Office

Deskercise & Healthy Habits at the Workplace

Presentation by: Suzanne Dunn, Dunn Healthy Coaching

The 9-1-1 Active Assailant Emerging Protocol

Presentation by: Dave Rivers, NH911

Whatever Happened to Civility, Courtesy & Respect?

Presentation by: Nick Manolis, Primex (2-part session)

Mapping Software in the PSAP

Presentation by: Sean Goodwin, NH911

Statewide All Hazards Mobilization Plan

Presentation by: President Rick Todd, NH Federation of Fire Mutual Aid