Deskercise & Healthy Habits

Presentation by: Susanne Dunn, Dunn Healthy Coaching

We sit in our cars to drive to work. We sit at our desks to work. We sit back in our cars to go home. We sit on the couch to watch television to unwind…sound familiar? Too much sitting is detrimental to our health. It is considered the new smoking. We spend more time sitting than we do sleeping – 9.3 hours to be exact, sitting and 7.2 hours or less sleeping. So, what can you do to counteract all that sitting that is hurting your health? How do you become more focused and productive at your job? Deskercise. Deskercise is “active pauses” in your workday to either stretch, strengthen or move to reinforce healthy habits. Learn the simple moves that you can do throughout the day to reduce the effects that too much sitting does to your overall health.