NHEDA Executive Board


Tom Andross

Employer: Grafton County Sheriff's Department

Years of Service: 37

Educational Background: New Hampshire College

Vice President



Jennifer Cloutier

Employer: Berlin Police Department

Years of Service: 20

Educational Background/Certifications: Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Plymouth State University, APCO PST1, Tactical Dispatch, Basic Negotiations, APCO CTO.

Favorite Place in NH: The mountains and lakes of NH.

Favorite Food: "Pizza. Life is not worth living without pizza!"

What do you love most about NHEDA? "The mission of providing low/no-cost training for NH Dispatchers as well as the networking and camaraderie."


Cassie Leavitt

Employer: Hampton Fire-Rescue

Years of Service: 12

Educational Background/Certifications: BS in Business Administration, APCO PST1, CTO, EMD, CCS, NH EMT, and NHEDA Basic Dispatcher Academy

Favorite Place in NH: "Bow Lake in Center Strafford"

Favorite Color: Blue

What do you love most about NHEDA? "I love that it brings like-minded people together. People that are passionate about our state and our profession. It's great for training as well as networking."

Director 1

Austin T. Brown

Employer: New London Police Department

Years of Service: 5

Educational Background/Certifications: BS in Criminal Justice from Southern NH University, APCO PST1, Level 1 - Emergency Management Academy, Emergency Medical Technician

Favorite Place in NH: "On top of Mt. Lafayette-there is no better view in the entire state!"

Favorite Color: Blue

What do you love most about NHEDA? "Being able to contribute towards bettering the field of Emergency Dispatching in the State of New Hampshire as a young professional."

Director 2

Jonathan M. Goldman

Employer: Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid

Years of Service: 23

Educational Background/Certifications: APCO Senior Member, APCO Registered Public Safety Leader, Advanced-EMT.

Favorite Place in NH: "My camp in Alton Bay."

Favorite Food/Color: "All Food/Color Blue."

What do you love most about NHEDA? "The camaraderie and true love for what we do every day."

Ernie Petrin - Director 3

More information coming soon!

Director 4

Cecily McNair

Employer: Merrimack County Sheriff's Office (Retired), NH Fish & Game (part-time)

Years of Service: 29

Educational Background/Certifications: "I started my career with in-house training at the Sheriff's Office, I soon realized that training for dispatchers was sparse or non-existant. I took every class that my employer would send me to starting with Basic Dispatching by PowerPhone. Since then I have attended every training that I could for the last 29 years. I learn something new, or am reminded of something I had forgotten at every class I teach or take."

Favorite Place in NH: "The White Mountains - Until 2003, the Old Man of the Mountains!"

Favorite Food/Color: "Color? Blue, Food? Anything someone else cooks!"

What do you love most about NHEDA? "The people and the friends I have made."

Director 5

Thayer Paronto

Employer: Grafton County Sheriff's Department

Years of Service: 14

Educational Background/Certifications: Associates Degree in Fire Science from NHTI-Laconia.

Favorite Place in NH: "Rivermeadow Campground."

Favorite Food: Pizza

What do you love most about NHEDA? "I love the diversity of the group and the passion for communications that each and everyone of us have!"

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