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2019 Conference Sessions

Schedule is subject to change.
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Monday, April 8, 2019

The Montgomery FaceTime Standoff (session 1&2)

Location: Presidential Ballroom  // Time: 10:00a

Eversource: Live Line Demo Trailer

Location: Resort Parking Lot  // Time: 1:15p

True Interoperability (session 3)

Location: Garden Room // Time: 1:45p

Motorola/Spillman Flex RMS, CAD & Jail  (session 4)

Location: Garden Room // Time: 3:00p

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Calibrating & Enhancing Your CTO Program (session 5)

Location: Harding Room // Time: 8:30a

Thousands of PSAPs Can Communicate with Smart Phones and IoT Devices, Can Yours? (session 6)

Location: Roosevelt Room // Time: 8:30a

Critical Incident Stress Management & Peer Support (session 7)

Location: Cleveland Room // Time: 8:30a

Mental Health Mayday (session 8)

Location: Harding Room // Time: 9:45a

How Hackers Can Disrupt Our Public Safety Response (session 9)

Location: Roosevelt Room // Time: 9:45a

Public Notification System Best Practices (session 10)

Location: Cleveland Room // Time: 9:45a

Saving Lives on Both Sides of the Headset (session 11)

Location: Harding Room // Time: 11:00a

Communications Operator Role in the Intelligence Process (session 12)

Location: Roosevelt Room // Time: 11:00a

Domestic Violence For Dispatch (session 13)

Location: Cleveland Room // Time: 11:00a

Super Session - The Healthy Dispatcher (session 14)

Location: Presidential Ballroom // Time: 1:15p

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

UAS (Drones) In Public Safety (session 15)

Location: Harding Room // Time: 8:30a

Quality Assurance & Quality Improvement With Little To No Budget (session 16)

Location: Roosevelt Room // Time: 8:30a

What Is All This Stuff?(session 17)

Location: Cleveland Room // Time: 8:30a

Peer Support -- From Conversation to Inception (session 18)

Location: Harding Room // Time: 10:00a

CTO Program Beyond the Cookie Cutter Approach (session 19)

Location: Roosevelt Room // Time: 10:00a

 Chickens aren’t the only ones that need a COOP. You do too! (session 20)

Location: Cleveland Room // Time: 10:00a

When a 911 Call Is Not What It Was Called In As  (session 21)

Location: Harding Room // Time: 11:15a

Caller Management Techniques (session 22)

Location:  Roosevelt Room // Time: 11:15a

The Leadership Perspective (session 23)

Location: Cleveland Room // Time: 11:15a