Tuesday Supersession

The Supersession will be presented by Retired NYPD Detective/Sergeant Jerry Kane, sponsored by Securus Technologies.

Information about the speaker: Jerry Kane is a retired Detective/Sergeant from the NYPD having served from 1985 till 2005. Jerry started his career as a beat cop on 42nd Street in Times Square which at the time was one of the most dangerous streets in America. Jerry went on to work in a radio car and then a plainclothes Anti-Crime team. In 1994 thru 1995 Jerry provided confidential dignitary protection. Promoted to Sergeant in 1996 Jerry served as a Patrol Sergeant and Anti-Crime Sergeant before taking command of the Manhattan Transit Detective Squad. In 2001 Jerry served as an aide to Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik and was at the events of 9/11 in that capacity.  In 2002 Jerry served in the Counter-Terrorism Division before taking command of the Manhattan Robbery Squad. Retiring in 2005 Jerry now works for a technology integrator in the Greater NYC area. Jerry is married to Madeline, a nurse and has three grown sons and one daughter-in-law.

Presentation Overview: Retired NYPD Detective/Sergeant Jerry Kane will speak about some major, and not so major events in his NYPD police career and how they affected him, his department, NYC, and out country. There will be some laughs and some tears. Most of the presentation will center on the events of 9/11 and the months that followed including the recovery efforts at Ground Zero, American Airlines Flight 587, The Anthrax attacks, and more. Det./Sgt. Kane will discuss the role of communications as a help or hindrance throughout the presentation.


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